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$HYDRA Token Presale

A Ultra-Limited (1M) High Utility Token that will compose the vast Hydra Ecosystem We are the First Community-Led Cardano Launchpad, a Long-Term Project Focused on Developing — Check the Whitepaper at: docs.hydraproject.org

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How to Buy

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first presale round

for Hydra Holders

1 HYDRA ≈ 0.65 ADA

Hold at least one Hydra Pass (any rarity) in your wallet by the token distribution date (May 16)

Obtainable only through the secondary market. Collection Page: jpg.store/collection/hydraproject

Min. 50 ADA / Max. 5k ADA

Send (Until May 10) to: $hydrapool

for non-Holders / Public

1 HYDRA ≈ 0.75 ADA

Just make the purchase with the desired amount and wait for the token distribution date (May 16)

Min. 50 ADA / Max. 2k ADA

Send (Until May 10) to: $hydrapool

HYDRA Token will be listed with price between 0.95~1.2 ADA depending on presale goals, this can be consulted in real time at the end of the first round.

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Q. What happens if I send ADA after token sales run out?

A. When the tokens run out, the $hydrapool Handle will be automatically disabled, making it impossible to send ADA. Even so, if you are still able to send ADA any other way, you will be refunded minus network fees.

Q. How will the distribution of tokens among buyers work?

A. To ensure the reliability and predictability of the process, the prices for the pre-sale round are predefined. First come first served until tokens run out. The listing will also have a predefined price that will be guaranteed with the liquidity provided by the funds accumulated in the presale. The goal is a safer launch for investors and a good performance in the listing.

Q. How many $HYDRA tokens will be distributed in this phase?

A. There are 200,000 $HYDRA tokens available for distribution this round and this will be the lowest price practiced on the token.

Q. When will I receive my tokens and when will I be able to trade them?

A. All tokens will be distributed among buyers on May 16th automatically in the wallet that sent the ADA. You will be able to trade them 24 hours later: the $HYDRA token will be listed on May 17th 13:00 UTC.

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$HYDRA tokenomics

$HYDRA has not yet been listed! We're still in presale!

Please protect your capital against scams.

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DEX liquidity

All funds raised in the pre-sale rounds will be used to provide liquidity in the HYD/ADA pair. You can track all team actions managed through the Project Wallet: $hydrapool

Token utility

A High Utility Token that will compose the vast Hydra Ecosystem

Please take the time to read our Whitepaper at: docs.hydraproject.org

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